Monday, April 13, 2009

Heartburn Indigestion Symptoms Treatment And Cause

Heartburn indigestion symptoms can be very hard to diagnose sometimes. Almost everyone has experienced one or more of the heartburn indigestion symptoms and many of those who have experienced it have mistakenly thought it was something else other then heartburn.

Many people who do experience heartburn often experience it at least once a month and some experience it weekly. It can be a reoccurring aliment that many people put aside and do not even bother treating or finding out the cause of their discomfort. Heartburn indigestion symptoms can occur so often with some people that they accept it as part of their daily lives and do not even remember how it was before they started experiencing them. Understanding the cause and the treatment of heartburn can help improve the quality of life for many people.

Cause of Heartburn Indigestion

Many people experience heartburn indigestion symptoms after eating something. Many times they believe it is because they tried something new or out of their normal routine. Many times people will eat something spicy which causes them to experience heartburn indigestion symptoms.

Eating big meals or food that you are not familiar with can cause your stomach to produce more acid causing you to experience heartburn indigestion symptoms. Heartburn indigestions symptoms are not only associated with eating spicy food. Heartburn can be triggered during times of stress and anxiety. Many people may associate this with anxiety attacks but in reality they are experiencing heartburn because their stress level is causing their stomachs to produce more acid then normal causing them the burning sensation in their chest.

The Treatment of Heartburn Indigestion

Heartburn indigestion symptoms can be treated in many different ways. There are many over the counter medications that will provide quick relief especially if you experience heartburn indigestion symptoms from spicy food or food that you are not used to eating. Many people have found that sitting up or staying upright immediately after eating also helps to alleviate heartburn indigestion symptoms. If your heartburn persist and over the counter medications do not provide any relief then a professional should be consulted to help in diagnosing and prescribing the proper medication to help.

A professional should be consulted immediately if you are experiencing severe heartburn symptoms. Heartburn indigestion symptoms can be very similar to other heart related problems and a professional should be consulted immediately if there is any reason to believe it can be something more severe or life threatening. It is always better to have your symptoms checked with a professional so that you can get the proper diagnosis and medication for treatment.


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